Your phone goes absolutely everywhere you go, and then some.

Forgotten your business card...? Never again with MyPage

A business card says a lot about someone. Firstly, just by having one shows that you're capable and willing, shows you're serious about your work, shows you're professional. It shows, that you're there to do business!

Now the business card itself can also tell a bit about someone or their company. Have you splashed out a little to get a thicker more durable card? Have you got all the right information you want to share on it? Have you changed numbers and crossed out your old one? These things show something about yourself too.

Well... Now that we've got the first bit about your business card showcased. Let's talk about that time you need it and just don't have it... When meeting someone professionally the exchange of a business card is quite vital. It can be the loss of a sale. It could be the lack of looking capable. A bit clumsy to have forgotten that right? Now in the other instance, you're not at work, you're not planning on doing business or even networking, you're out on a personal errand, you're out socializing, you're not in work mode so there for you just don't have one on you. That's fair, isn't it? Now you're put in the position of meeting someone, something exciting comes your way and you can't leave your details. You just hope and wish to bump into that exact situation again, because we all know that naturally, every great moment appears multiple times, doesn’t it?

However... What do we all own in today's day and age? A phone! That thing that's continuously glued to your hand. Your phone goes everywhere you go, and then some. So why not put that all faithful business card in the right place. A place where you cant forget it. That place that's always on

you. Not to mention, you won't have to splash out a bit to make it classier, a digital business card already is sexy! Not to mention a tad cheaper...

So, before you forget how to network, start networking smarter with MyPage today!

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