What’s next, Contactless business cards?

Updated: Feb 15

Great! A completely new challenge to an already difficult task. A business card used to be a salesperson’s best friend.

A way in order to say hello! A way to leave your contact details. A way to give a friendly reminder that you’re there. A way to connect and grow your network of clients.

Some would say, it’s the way to sell… Some would argue it’s a way to showcase your personality. If you had a fancy business card printed in a unique way, or perhaps with high-quality paper and graphics. Maybe you had them slide out of a fancy card holder case, or even folded like a dove, or perhaps it was in the shape of a triangle.

Yes indeed, business cards come in all shapes, sizes, graphics and with their own tweaks can be quite the ice-breaker, and in some cases maybe even a deal-breaker.

Never-the-less 2020 changed the way we did just about everything. But how will business cards fare in a post-2022 world?

Well, let’s start at the beginning? What is the actual purpose of a business card? Well, it’s a paper way to share your contact details. You hand one out and you expect and hope someone will call you. Obviously over time emails have joined the list of items to have on there. Company websites have jumped on, to let people know you’re on social media has been highlighted. It’s become a pretty nifty little piece of paper with your name on it…

Now let’s be honest… All of this should have been digitized a long time ago. The internet of things has been around for a few decades now… Smartphones have been out for quite some years I believe. Mine even knows when to tell me to go to sleep! So why haven’t we gone digital on business cards yet?

Attempts have been made, just not enough to disrupt the industry. However, as for 2020 changing just about everything, so it seems sharing information in a contactless way has been at the forefront as well. Now seems to be the perfect time to connect and change to wireless, contactless and smart technology…

Mypage is one of these companies. A smart way to share your information by using a QR code on your phone. It’s amazing! The receiver just scans your QR code displayed on your mobile phone and they’re in! Connected to all your information, your name, number, email, website and so much more. You can upload videos, share documents and connect on social media let alone highlight you’re on there. Mypage really is helping people connect.

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