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Updated: Sep 7, 2021

A topic no one is talking about (cough cough).... I meant a topic EVERYONE is talking about!

Being eco friendly. Taking care of our planet. Being more aware of using recycling and sustained products. The topic is huge! And rightly so...

An Eco-friendly lifestyle means living a life that is environmentally friendly where everyone works towards protecting and conserving nature and polluting less while reducing the carbon footprint and leaving a better future ahead for all kiwis. There's still a long road ahead on getting our planet back to the magnificent spinning green and blue it is, but with the topic reaching millions across the globe and more companies doing their part and by providing sustainable products and services we are at the very least heading in the right direction.

mypage brings an eco friendly approach to business cards and networking for you to play your part. I'm not going to bore you with the cost effective, affordable, user friendly, convenient, contactless, amazing details of this product. Instead I'm going to explain how mypage is helping gear customers and users to a more eco friendly approach to networking in 2021.

Having a business card is great right? It's a piece of paper with your name on it! It's fantastic...! These days you can get them done relatively cheap (cough, not as cheap as a My Page though, cough) You can get them designed beautifully and creatively. You get that warm feeling handing one out feeling like an entrepreneur, like a business owner, like a boss. Nothing quite like it when you've started a new job or even better yet, a new business venture of your own.

Yet that feeling slowly dissipates. However your carbon footprint doesn't. By finally joining us into the digital world of 2021, My Page not only gives you a great user experience which keeps you feeling like a boss for longer, but an eco friendly one. Not needing to print more business cards by the dozens and by only needing to share the information you need to get across from device to device, not only makes it more fast and efficient but better for the environment.

Bottom line! My Page doesn't cost the earth! In more ways than 1...

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