Let's talk about digital business cards.

Are you looking to enhance your business networking? Are you wondering why in 2021 we are still tied down to the old way of a paper based business card? In such a digital age have we not yet been able to make this whole process more digital and user friendly? Digital business cards are on the rise and MyPage is a New Zealand business which provides an entry point for business cards to finally enter the digital world.

Well let's chat, what is a digital business card?

A digital business card is exactly what it sounds like. It's your business card put into the digital world. It's your name, number, website, company name, your profile photo, social media links, as much or as little information as you want, put into a digital format. Once you've got this into a digital format it's really easy to control, monitor, edit and share. It's a very powerful tool for any business, professional and company.

Why even go digital and what are the benefits?

Well, there are quite a number of reasons, but in short, the benefits are:

User Friendly


Easy to share

Affordable and cost effective



Easy to customize


More and more people are spending a lot more time on their devices, is an understatement now in 2021. More people are starting to work from home, more people are starting to turn their business interests online, more businesses are focusing their growth strategies online. Businesses and companies are getting their employees to work remotely and more and more people are becoming self employed. In short, more and more people are just online! And a great way to reach all of these people online, is a simple to use, cost-effective, eco-friendly digital business card.

A digital business card provides a great solution to updating details in a cost effective manner. Got a new employee take over from an ex-employee? Need to update your contact information? Need to add on more details or social media links? All these problems are now solved.

MyPage truly brings the old traditional business card into the digital world in a truly unique way. Sign up for your own account today and see the benefit it brings.

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