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Your website has a lot of potential, but if you don’t start up conversations, it’s like a dry well. If you want more visitors on your site, you have to first figure out how to get their attention. But, how can you do this? At least a quarter of website visitors will return to a website on a daily basis. If you can get them to return, you have to make them want to come back. The answer is content. People want to learn and engage with your website and so you should make your content engaging. That’s what we’re going to be covering in the remainder of this article. Share the Knowledge So, what should you be sharing on your website? There are so many things to share that are relevant to your business. Below are just a few ways to share information and engage your audience.

1. Review Emails If you have a lot of repeat visitors, you should share a list of recommendations that they can use each day. These recommendations can be educational or informational. In most cases, you can create a list of suggestions, highlight them, and share them through a list like this: Use the TotalBiscuit’s Secret Emails List to Share a Daily List of Great Articles Or, you could create your own unique list like this.

2. New Referrals Everyone knows how important it is to get as many customer referrals as possible. But, there are many opportunities to share this information. On every blog post that you publish, you can include a special link that can be shared to your list of email subscribers. These links are great ways to get new customer referrals, promote them, and track who’s doing business with you. This is one of the most important ways to share your content, so make sure it’s as engaging as possible. There are also many lists to choose from, such as those at Social Media Examiner.

3. Product and Service Review A great way to share your knowledge and help your audience is to share customer reviews. These can be videos or written reviews. Make sure that you clearly highlight customer feedback in the review so that it’s easy to access.

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