5 types of people you need in your network

Quantity vs quality comes to mind here. Every entrepreneur or sales professional needs a solid network. You need people who will grow with you and with your company, not just someone to introduce to the next sale, but someone who will assist you in developing your skills and knowledge.

So let’s take a look at the 5 types of people you need in your network


You need some mentorship. People who can help you in deciding what your business needs and connect you to key people who will help you expand your knowledge and bring some of the pieces of the puzzle together. Whether it be an introduction to a lawyer, meet an accountant or even perhaps lead you to an investor. Mentors can help assist you in steering your ship as you muddle through the choppy waters. Mentors provide thought-provoking questions and strategies, they guide you through your own thought process and give unique perspectives to helping you find out what you don’t even know you need to know yet.

There are 2 different approaches. One, is to reach out to someone you feel would be a good fit for you, someone you know, someone you know would be a good guide and offer great wisdom, someone with a bit of life experience. The second would be to reach out to a mentorship program and research the right candidate and by using outside resources this could be beneficial as they are not usually biased when it comes to offering guidance. If you can accumulate both, then I think you have a healthy start in this area. In New Zealand, there are a few different mentorship programs on offer.

For small business owners, you can try Business Mentors New Zealand

If you would like to become a mentor yourself, you can join a community program offered by the government here in New Zealand at

For startups, you can join a variety of programs from companies such as Soda Inc, Creative HQ, The Ice House, or one of the Lightning Lab programs.

Depending on your role, industry, profession, or business, you need to reach out to someone that makes sense for you. Joining different groups or pages on social media can also add benefits and provide insight from others.

Role Models

People you look up to and you’re attracted to what they have, what they do, and most importantly what they offer. You can model some of what they do to bring into your own life and adopt new skills and new habits. Follow them on social media to gain insight as to what they read, what they share, and what their latest interests are. If your role model is someone of influence or fame then chances are good that they've written a book. I suggest reading it to see what they had to overcome to become who they are and what you can take away from it.

As Romain Rolland once said,

“No one ever reads a book. He reads himself through books”.


These are valuable people. Everybody gets their good and their bad days, supporters are exactly who you want to connect with on a bad day as well as a good one. People who can cheer you on while times are tough are important. However, don’t forget to celebrate small wins along the way with these supporters to show how much you appreciate their support.


Ever met someone who is just juiced on life? The kind of person who doesn't take no for an answer? and knows what it takes to get things done? Always has the latest buzz? Aligning with someone like this can help boost your morale, boost your confidence and keep your motivation levels up high. Sometimes just being in this person’s presence boosted your energy levels and gets you thinking out of the box. Make an effort to connect with someone like this and to make meeting with them frequently and a priority. Spending time in this kind of environment can only benefit you and bring out your own ambitious side more.

Technical Thinkers

Ok so now, you’ve already got some motivation, some role models, some supporters cheering you on and even mentors talking you through, what else could you ask for? Someone who will help you keep it real, that's who. Someone who thinks technical and questions your motives, your decisions and even plays devil advocate at times. Someone like this could highlight key elements you’ve overlooked or haven’t even thought of. The value they bring will ultimately help more so than not. They bring another point of view, another way of looking at things, someone who will pop your optimism bubble and keep it real with you. Now don’t get this mistaken for someone who is negative but more someone who is objective. A critical thinker if you like.

Leave a comment with whose in your network you couldn’t live without?

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