What is MyPage?

MyPage is a mobile networking and marketing tool. An eco-friendly, safe and secure way to instantly share your business details, social media, web links and contact details simply by scanning the QR code displayed on your phone.


What is a QR code?

A QR (quick response) code is a type of digital barcode. It is a two-dimensional version of the barcode we are all familiar with, which is able to store a wide variety of information almost instantly with the scan of a mobile device.


Do I need an app to use MyPage?

No. MyPage is web-based platform which you use with your camera


Can I use MyPage offline?

MyPage is a web-based platform so you will need to be online when sharing or scanning the QR code.


What platforms can I share MyPage on?

You can share MyPage on all social media channels, bio, email, via text message or through QR codes.


What information should I put on MyPage?

You can put as much or as little as you want, depending on your business, product, service or message you want to share. Ideally you want your name, company name, contact details like mobile number and email, and then whichever social media platforms you run on like Facebook, twitter, tiktok, Instagram, etc. We recommend using MyPage as a link in your bio in order to connect you from social media to your MyPage in order to utilize analytics and heat mapping. If you are at a fixed location you can add your location.


What are analytics and heat mapping?

Analytics and heat mapping uses data, and finds where visitors to your MyPage have viewed the most, to least. We promote this in order to help you gauge where your visitors are heading in order to direct your advertising into those channels helping you find where to put your hard-earned money back to work.


How much does MyPage cost?

MyPage costs $9 a month or $79 annually should you sign up and pay in advance. The MyPage team can help build websites, run social media platforms and assist with stands and stickers. For any business need or to build multi pages for your company, just get in touch directly with the team to find out more.


Does MyPage share my information or sell it to anyone?

In short, no. Your information is yours and you get to decide who you share it with.


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