Eco-friendly, safe and secure way to instantly share your business details, social media, web links and contact details simply by scanning the QR code displayed on your phone.

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MyPage makes QR codes a more accessible, connective option, strengthening the link between online and offline activity, while also making it more convenient to share details, visit web links, follow Pages, etc.

Instantly Share Anywhere

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Networking Smarter

MyPage has a simple yet effective layout that allows users in the moment to choose a method of contact. 

For example: Follow you on Instagram, send an email, save your contact details, or visit your wonderful website. 


Save to Phone

MyPage provides mobile device users with the easiest, quickest, and most convenient way to send or save contact information. Save contact details directly onto your phone. MyPage, makes use of a customised landing page with all the basic information along with a profile photo, contact details,  location and other fields. 

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Add MyPage to your social media bios, share it in your email signature, or even put it on your website. 

Social Links

For the Team

Set up your entire team with MyPage. More affordable and eco-friendly than paper business cards. Never miss a business opportunity again.

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Visitor Analytics

Heatmaps are a powerful way to understand what users do on your landing page - where they click, how far they scroll.

Accessibility to essential data gives companies the power to make accurate decisions that can leverage businesses. Not only does it provide useful data, it also allows companies to make decisions faster and more efficiently than before.

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Get yours in 4 steps. Easy as!

See what makes MyPage so effective!

  • We design state-of-the-art landing pages 

  • Lead generation system

  • Customers get a taste of your business before committing to buy anything

  • Quick share and home screen link

  • Unlimited changes & enhancements

  • Compatible with iPhone, Android, Desktop and tablets

  • Share it via QR Code, email, social media, SMS and more

  • Share your page with anybody!

QR Code for your presentation

Your audience can simply pull out their smartphones to scan the QR Code and access MyPage. That simple!

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MyPage Backlinks bring direct traffic to your website – and that traffic can turn into a conversion on your website.

Backlinks boost your Google ranking

Coming Soon 

MyPage QR Codes displayed on your phone home screen as a widget making it a quick and easy way to share your details.


This is amazing and loving it.

Manik -

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“Works a treat!.

— Saskia van der Geest

Absolutely blown away at the service and final product from this company. From start to finish they were personal, efficient and friendly. Couldn’t recommend enough!!! If you looking to get your business started or even wanting to boost your marketing preferences this is the place to go.

Dwayne - My Office From Home Ltd