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All in one digital sharing platform that helps you connect with your audience seamlessly.

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“This is amazing and loving it.”

Save time managing your digital integration for business cards and marketing material.


• Design your own page
• Cost effective solution for marketing your brand
• Expand your reach and drive more engagement
• Create your very own unique QR Code
• Download contact directly to smart phone

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highly recommend this as a great marketing tool. 

Karl, Kia Kaha Studios

Creating a well-designed, functional, easy-to-use, digital sharing platform for everyday people in everyday life.


Instantly Share Anywhere

Elevate customer experiences by simply

scanning the QR Code displayed on your phone.

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Reach Out

An all-in-one digital sharing platform that

helps you connect with your audience seamlessly.

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Quick Access

Add an icon to your phones home screen

for easy access. No app required

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Add to Social Bio

Add your mypage link to your social

media bio's to connect on social media


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Save Contact Details

Download contact details directly to a smartphone using our V Card technology.

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